Food Warmer Options For New Commercial Kitchens

27 August 2018
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With food temperature regulations being such a priority in the restaurant business, it's something you have to take seriously when you are opening a food service establishment. One of the best investments you can make when you are buying your restaurant equipment is hot-holding appliances, or food warmers. These keep prepared food at a safe temperature while it's waiting to be served. There are many different types of hot-holding equipment, and the right ones for your needs will depend on the types of things you're preparing and serving. Read More 

Tips For Proper Gas Barbecue Installation In Outdoor Kitchens

25 March 2018
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With spring approaching, many homeowners are considering their backyard preparations for the warm weather season. If you're thinking about building an outdoor kitchen this spring, you might be considering a built-in gas barbecue installation as part of the design. Before you take the leap and put one in, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The sooner you consider these elements, the more successful your kitchen development is likely to be. Read More 

Catering Office Business Meetings: Three Delicious Ideas

13 December 2017
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Having office business meetings catered is one way to get your staff motivated to collaborate in a group setting. If you are looking for catering ideas that go beyond sandwich trays and vegetable platters, here are a few ideas to consider for your next meeting. With the right selections, you can create a fun environment for your staff while still getting down to business. Brunch Bars Combine breakfast and lunch for long morning meetings by creating a brunch bar. Read More 

The Way The Cookie Crumbles: When Baking Sugar Cookies Turn Sour

7 December 2017
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The process of baking cookies is not always sugar and spice. Sometimes intentions curdle, turning a sweet tooth into a dull ache. When it gets too hot in the kitchen, don't leave! Instead, stick around and learn a few tips that will turn sour mishaps into something nice! Precision in the Prep The ingredients stick more to your hands and cut-outs rather than to each other. An excess of wet ingredients and not enough dry components is likely the issue. Read More 

4 Reasons To Hire A Corporate Catering Company For Your Next Biz Event

5 December 2017
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Planning a big company event can take a lot of time and hard work. You want to make sure all goes well so that your employees enjoy the event and you're able to reach the event goals. One thing that can make the event go more smoothly is by hiring a corporate catering company to assist with food and cooking needs. Keep reading to better understand why you should hire a corporate catering company for your next big event. Read More