Tips for Switching Over to a Pod-Style Coffee Maker

26 July 2021
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If you've been making coffee with a drip coffee maker or percolator for many years, switching over to a k-cup or pod-style coffee brewer can come with a bit of a learning curve. But never fear — with the tips below, you can ease the transition, and brewing with a pod-style coffee maker will soon feel like second nature. Buy your pods in smaller quantities. It may be tempting to buy a large number of coffee pods at a time in an effort to save money. Read More 

Coffee From Honduras? It’s Better Than You Think!

30 December 2020
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Brazil produces more coffee than any other country in the world. And coffees from Columbia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia are widely known, too. But when you see coffee from Honduras, your eyebrows might rise. Honduran coffee is not as well known as coffee from these other nations, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. Honduran coffee — especially from the San Marcos region — is unique, exquisite, and absolutely worth a try. Read More 

Why Soup Is A Good Choice For Your Wedding Reception

12 June 2020
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When you and your future spouse are planning the meal for your catered wedding reception, you might be focusing on a wide range of finger foods, grazing table items, and other similar things. These ideas can certainly augment the reception for you and your guests, but you might be overlooking a simple type of food that can also be worthwhile. Soup isn't something that some people immediately think about when they're evaluating their wedding reception menus, but it can be a good choice. Read More 

3 Amazing Tips When Shopping For Commercial Refrigerator For A Restaurant

6 January 2020
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Having commercial refrigerator is so important if you run your own restaurant. These appliances can store so many food items at a time. If you're in the market for one, these tips can guide you to the right purchase with relative ease.  Assess Interior Space One of the more important attributes of a commercial refrigerator to consider is interior space. This attribute ultimately determines how many items you can store and keep fresh at a time. Read More 

Food Warmer Options For New Commercial Kitchens

27 August 2018
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With food temperature regulations being such a priority in the restaurant business, it's something you have to take seriously when you are opening a food service establishment. One of the best investments you can make when you are buying your restaurant equipment is hot-holding appliances, or food warmers. These keep prepared food at a safe temperature while it's waiting to be served. There are many different types of hot-holding equipment, and the right ones for your needs will depend on the types of things you're preparing and serving. Read More